We offer very competitive rates for

    a) IPO announcement for our Investment Newspapers
    We have  combo rates for our Newspapers ( Chanakya Gujarati & Chanakya English)*
    b) IPO announcement Advertisement on this Blog :
    The cost will be for the 7 days package . The rates to be mutually finalised.*

    c)Thank you Investors  advertisement.

    For Blog : Rs. 11000 plus applicable  ,for 7 days on Home page box
    For Newspapers : Rs. 10000 plus applicable GST ,for advertisement size of H 15cm x W 12.5cm
    Combined rate for Blog and the Newspapers  is Rs. 18000 plus GST

    d) The companies can also release their Quarterly  Result Advertisements on this  forum and/or in our Investment Publications . The rates are as under:
    For this blog Rs. 20000  for one month. Separate page giving Quarterly Results  /information  will be created and a link on the home page will be provided , so that our huge Readership is aware of excellent performance of the company.
    For our Newspapers : combined rate of Rs. 20000 plus GST, for advertisement size of H 15cm x W 12.5cm
    Combined rate for Blog and the Newspapers  is Rs. 36000 

    * call us on : 09824600744

    For advertisement inquiries & information, on this Site and in our Newspapers/magazines ,
    please send email on : [email protected]