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👉 Breaking News: The highly anticipated IPO of Ola Electric is set to launch in early August 2024, aiming to raise approximately Rs. 6000 crore with an expected price of Rs. 150 per share. Excitement in the grey market is palpable, with significant interest from Big HNIs at application rates around Rs. 6500. A sharp surge is anticipated in the coming days.

👉 Sanstar IPO: Commencing today, this main board IPO aims to raise Rs. 357.10 crore. Backed by strong fundamentals, it is considered a must-apply opportunity.

👉 Aprameya SME IPO: Featuring a unique business model and robust profitability, shares are offered at attractive valuations. Traders foresee a substantial increase in premium rates post-launch this evening.

👉 RNFI Services IPO: According to Mumbai traders, the premium has surged from Rs. 10 to Rs. 40, reflecting significant investor interest and high trading volumes.

👉 Kataria Industries IPO: With the premium steadily rising to Rs. 70 and strong trading volume, this IPO is attracting considerable attention.

👉 Sati Polyplast IPO: Following overwhelming subscription, the premium has sharply risen to Rs. 105. Expectations are high for substantial listing gains next week.

👉 Tunwal E-motors IPO: Despite being a large IPO with reasonable valuation, competition in the market has caused the premium to decline from Rs. 25 to Rs. 5, raising concerns about its listing performance.

👉 Prizor Wiztech IPO: Speculative activity is rampant, pushing the premium from Rs. 50 to Rs. 105. Traders advise caution and consider profit booking on the listing day.

👉 Aelea Commodities IPO: After initial volatility, the premium has seen a marginal increase, reflecting positive sentiment following satisfactory subscription levels earlier in the week.

IPOs awaiting Listings

We also update application rates अरजी बेचने खरीदने के भाव

Ola Electric IPO GMP

Ola Electric IPO GMP GMP Sub2 Sub2
IPO in August first week Rs.6000 Cr.      
Price Rs 150 Approx
Lot    ?
Retail Applications
Open August/24 
Close August/24 
Small HNIs    
Al    August/24 
List:  August/24 
Big HNIS 6500  

Aprameya IPO GMP

aprameya Engineering IPO GMP GMP Sub2 Sub2
Click for IPO Guidance        
Price Rs 58
Lot    1200
Allotted Appli. (R)
Open 25/07/24 
Close 29/07/24
Allotted Appli (H)    
Al      30/07/24
List:   01/08/24
LM: Hem Securities

Clinitech Laboratory IPO GMP

Clinitech Laboratory IPO GMP GMP Sub2 Sub2
Click for IPO Guidance        
Price Rs 96
Lot    1200
Allotted Appli. (R)
Open 25/07/24 
Close 29/07/24
Allotted Appli (H)    
Al      30/07/24
List:   01/08/24
LM: Beeline Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd

Chetana Education IPO GMP

chetana education ipo gmp GMP Sub2 Sub2
11 13400
Click for IPO Guidance        
Price Rs 80-85
Lot    1600
Allotted Appli. (R)
Open 24/07/24 
Close 26/07/24
Allotted Appli (H)    
Al      29/07/24
List:   31/07/24
LM: Hem Securities

Manglam Infra IPO GMP

mangalam infra ipo gmp GMP Sub2 Sub2
10 15200
Click for IPO Guidance        
Price Rs 53-56
Lot    2000
Allotted Appli. (R)
Open 24/07/24 
Close 26/07/24
Allotted Appli (H)    
Al      29/07/24
List:   31/07/24
LM: Unistone Capital Pvt Ltd

VVIP Infratech IPO GMP

VVIP infratech IPO GMP GMP Sub2 Sub2
47 42900
Click for IPO Guidance        
Price Rs 93
Lot    1200
Allotted Appli. (R)
Open 23/07/24 
Close 25/07/24
Allotted Appli (H)    
Al      26/07/24
List:   30/07/24
LM: Share India Capital Services

V.L.Infraprojects IPO GMP

V.L.Infraprojects IPO GMP GMP Sub2 Sub2
40 91200
Click for IPO Guidance        
Price Rs 42
Lot    3000
Allotted Appli. (R)
Open 23/07/24 
Close 25/07/24
Allotted Appli (H)    
Al      26/07/24
List:   30/07/24
LM: Beeline Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd


RNFI services IPO GMP GMP Sub2 Sub2
50 45600
Click for IPO Guidance        
Price Rs 105  
Lot    1200
Allotted Appli. (R)
Open 22/07/24 
Close 24/07/24
Allotted Appli (H)    
Al      25/07/24
List:   29/07/24
LM: Choice Capital Advisors Pvt ltd

SAR Televentures FPO GMP

sar televentures fpo gmp GMP Sub2 Sub2
27 10300
Click for IPO Guidance        
Price Rs 210, 
Lot    600
Allotted Appli. (R)
Open 22/07/24 
Close 24/07/24
Allotted Appli (H)    
Al      25/07/24
List:   29/07/24
LM: Pantomath Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd

Sanstar IPO GMP

sanstar IPO gmp GMP Sub2 Sub2
35 4200 63000
Click for IPO Guidance        
Price Rs 90-95  
Lot    150
Retail Applications 280 3400
Open 19/07/24 
Close 23/07/24
Small HNIs Close 52000
Al      24/07/24
List:   26/07/24
Big HNIS 2500 52000
LM: Pantomath Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd

Kataria Industries IPO GMP

kataria industries ipo gmp GMP Sub2 Sub2
70 63800
Latest subscription status        
Price Rs 96, 
Lot    1200
Allotted Appli. (R)
Open 16/07/24 
Close 19/07/24
Allotted Appli (H)    
Al      22/07/24
List:   24/07/24
LM: Interactive Financial Services Ltd

Macobs Technologies IPO GMP

Macobs Technologies IPO GMP GMP Sub2 Sub2
25 30400
Latest subscription status        
Price Rs 75  
Lot   1600
Allotted Appli. (R)
Open 16/07/24 
Close 19/07/24
Allotted Appli (H)    
Al      22/07/24
List:   24/07/24
LM: SKI Capital Services Limited

Tunwal E-motor IPO GMP

Tunwal E-Motors IPO GMP GMP Sub2 Sub2
10 15200
Latest subscription status        
Price Rs 59
Lot    2000
Allotted Appli. (R)
Open 15/07/24 
Close 18/07/24
Allotted Appli (H)    
Al      19/07/24
List:   23/07/24
LM: Horizon Financial Pvt Ltd

Three M Paper IPO GMP

Three M Paper Boards IPO GMP GMP Sub2 Sub2
36 54700
Latest subscription status        
Price Rs 69, 
Lot 2000
Allotted Appli. (R)
Open 12/07/24 
Close 16/07/24
Allotted Appli (H)    
Al 18/07/24
LM: Comfort Securities

Prizor Viztech IPO GMP

Prizor Viztech ipo gmp GMP Sub2 Sub2
105 127700
Latest subscription status        
Price Rs 87, 
Lot 1600
Allotted Appli. (R)
Open 12/07/24 
Close 16/07/24
Allotted Appli (H)    
Al 18/07/24
LM: Shreni Shares

Aelea Commodities IPO GMP

Aelea Commodities IPO GMP GMP Sub2 Sub2
77 70200
Latest subscription status        
Price Rs 95  
Lot    1200
Allotted Appli. (R)
Open 12/07/24 
Close 16/07/24
Allotted Appli (H)    
Al      18/07/24
List:   22/07/24
LM: Ekadrisht Capital Private Limited

Sati Polyplast IPO GMP

sai poly plast ipo gmp GMP Sub2 Sub2
140 106400
Latest subscription status      
Price Rs. 130, 
Lot   1000
Op   12/07/24 
Cl     16/07/24
Al     18/07/24
List:  22/07/24
LM: Beeline Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd

Sahaj Solar IPO GMP

sahaj solar IPO GMP GMP Sub2 Sub2
250 152000
Listed @ Rs. 342, premium of 90% Allotted Appli. 180000
Price Rs. 180, 
Lot    800
Op   11/07/24 
Cl     15/07/24
Al     16/07/24
List:  19/07/24
LM: Kunvarji Finstock Pvt Ltd


Important IPO grey market
# Information given on this post/page is only coverage of News related to Grey Market. We do not deal in today grey market premium or Subject to rates, nor we recommend dealing in Grey Market. Movements in the grey market may not be based on any fundamental or other attractiveness of the IPO. 
It is based among other factors, on the estimate of oversubscription, interest-costs of the funds blocked, greediness of the IPO-applicants and also it may be affected by manipulations of the grey market operators/promoters.
# Investment decision based on Grey Market Premium can be faulty.

> What is DP Boss?

What is Grey market?

A Grey Market also know as a parallel market, is an unofficial stock and applications market.

In this market, the investors trade for shares or applications before the shares are officially listed for trading in the stock exchange. Trading in grey market stocks in India is done in cash and in person.

No third-party firms such as Stock Exchanges or SEBI back this transaction. Kostak and Grey Market Premium are the two well-known terms in the Initial Public Offering (IPO) Grey Market.

Grey markets in India have existed as a parallel market for stocks for a long time, and traders and investors verify their authenticity.

What is Grey market Premium?

Grey Market Premiu is popularly known as GMP. The amount at which the IPO shares are traded is known as grey market premium. The company’s stock that will come up with the IPO is bought and sold outside the stock market. The live grey market premium is believed to reflect how the IPO will react on its listing day.

Lets understand with an example

Let’s assume that the issue price of Stock WIN is Rs. 100. And the grey market premium is Rs. 300. This suggests that investors are ready to purchase the shares of Company WIN for Rs.400 (100+300).

What is Subject to rate in an IPO?

Subject to Sauda price is an extension to the IPO Kostak rate. In subject to sauda, the buyer of the application agrees to pay a fixed price against the IPO application only if the seller of the IPO application receives allotment in the IPO. The subject-to-Sauda rates are generally higher than the Kostak rates.

Considering the above example, the buyer of the applicant agrees to pay an additional Rs 4,000 for the entire application provided the IPO applicant receives the allotment.

In this case, if the applicant secures no allotment, the deal gets cancelled. However, if the IPO applicant receives the allotment the buyer of the IPO application pays Rs 4,000 as the premium. The seller of the applicant either passes the listing gains to the seller or shares to the buyer of the IPO application for Rs 11,500 (7,500 + 4,000).

Note: Rs 7,500 is the amount for 15 shares bought at Rs 500. Rs 4000 is the premium buyer paid for the entire application.

What is Kostak & Sauda rates?

The IPO Kostak price is an agreed-upon price at which IPO applications are sold and purchased, regardless of their allotment status. The Kostak Price is the fixed price paid by the buyer of the IPO Application to the seller of the IPO Application.

The Kostak rate is the price for the entire IPO application and not per share. It is a price mutually agreed between the buyer and seller.

For example, an investor has applied for 15 shares at Rs 500 in an IPO amounting to Rs 7500. Now there is another investor who is bullish about this upcoming IPO and agrees to pay Rs 1,000 as the premium to purchase the entire IPO application. In this case, the seller of the IPO application secures a fixed profit of Rs 1,000 irrespective of whether he secures an allotment or not.

If the seller receives allotment and the listing happens at a premium, the seller is required to pass the listing gains to the buyer or credit the shares to the purchaser against Rs 8,500 (7,500 +1,000).

If the seller does not receive the allotment, still the buyer of the IPO application needs to pay Rs 1,000 to the seller of the IPO application.

How GMP is calculated?

There are many variables which determine the price of an IPO on the grey market.
The Grey market Premium (GMP) over an above the IPO issue price is determined by demand and supply statistics, similar to stock prices. I expect the grey market pricing to be lower. The players in the grey market estimate the listing price for an IPO and the difference between the estimated listing price and the issue price is considered as GMP.
The profitability of an Issuer company and the valuation as which the shares are offered also affect the estimate of listing price.

How Subject to & Kostak rate is calculated?

Types of Trading in Grey market?

Types of Trading in Grey Market
There are two types of trading in the grey market-

1.Trading of Applications, i.e., selling or buying IPO applications at a particular rate or premium.
2. Trading of Allotted Shares, i.e., selling or buying the allocated IPO shares before they get listed in the stock exchanges.

How do you calculate listing price from GMP?

GMP or Grey market Premium is rough indication of the premium/discount over the IPO-issue-price. At this juncture, we shall not go into the nitty gritty of how GMP is arrived at or quoted in the Grey market. The players add up GMP to the IPO-Issue-price and estimate the IPO listing price.
Let’s understand:
The GMP of an IPO of company SUCCESS is Rs. 25 and the shares are offered at Rs. 50. Then the shares are estimated to get listed at Rs 75 (Rs. 50+ Rs. 25 GMP)

Is trading in grey market illegal?

Yes, in simple words, the trading in the grey market is not legal and disapproved by the market regulator SEBI. Under normal circumstances, market factors determine the GMP, so the chances of fraud are not high in such IPOs. However, many a times, the grey market operator in connivance with the IPO-promoter/its lead manager manipulates the GMP, to attract the gullible and innocent investors to apply for the IPO and the investors incur losses.  To prevent such frauds, the market regulator discourages grey market trading.

Who should you contact to trade in Grey Market?

As we know trading in a grey market is not legal, the trading in the grey market is often carried out over phone calls. There are no such official registered persons or traders for grey market trading. An investor willing to trade in the grey market needs to find a local dealer who will help find the buyers and sellers.


Grey Market Premium

latest ipo gmp today

Grey market premium today

latest ipo gmp grey market ipo

IPO Grey Market Premium

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