Infosys AI offering receives strong interest from customers.

    Software major Infosys on May 23 unveiled Topaz, a new offering that combines data analytics, artificial intelligence, and generative AI, signifying the growing importance of this fast-evolving technology. The company’s efforts in AI also come at a time when technology demand is slowing down in its major markets such as the US and Europe.
    Infosys unveils AI-first offeringInfosys, one of the early donors to OpenAI, said it has used its own applied artificial intelligence (AI) framework to develop an AI-first core that potentially has over 12,000 use cases, more than 150 pre-trained models, and over ten platforms.

    Infosys is first experimenting with AI within the organisation, taking experiences from that and then curating solutions for clients.
    A new AI-first offering could help the company offer a more compelling pitch for clients, who have turned increasingly cautious about tech spends.

    “We are seeing strong interest from our clients for efficiency and productivity-enhancing programs, even as businesses are keen to secure their future growth. Our own business operations have been hugely benefited by Infosys Topaz bringing the power of generative AI platforms and data solutions,” Salil Parekh, CEO & MD, Infosys, said.

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