Maruti to launch Air taxis

    Maruti Suzuki Planning To Launch Air Taxis Named SkyDrive Soon

    Maruti Suzuki Planning To Launch Air Taxis Named SkyDrive Soon

    If its dominance on Indian roads wasn’t enough, India’s most valuable carmaker Maruti Suzuki is now setting its eyes on the sky.

    Mauri Suzuki is planning to develop electric air copters. Soon to be launched electric air copters would have the ability to carry three passengers, including the pilot, and would be bigger than drones but smaller than conventional helicopters. These air taxis have the potential to completely transform transportation, much like the on-ground versions of Uber and Ola.

    Maruti Suzuki is currently India’s most valuable automaker company, with a market cap of Rs 3.36 lakh crore. 

    Maruti Suzuki has decided to name their electric air copters SkyDrive. With 12 motor and rotor units, it is anticipated to make its debut at the 2025 Osaka Expo in Japan. Although Maruti intends to eventually introduce this technology to India through the ‘Make in India’ initiative, the initial sales focus will be on Japan and the US.

    The report stated that the air copter would weigh almost half as much as a conventional helicopter, with a take-off weight of 1.4 tonnes. It can take off and land on building rooftops because of its low weight. The report went on to say that another benefit of electrification is a significant decrease in the number of aircraft parts, which lowers manufacturing and maintenance costs.


    Maruti Suzuki Planning Air Taxis

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