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    Command Polymers IPO Guidance:
    The company is in the business of Marketing and Manufacturing Polymer based products and its market is highly competitive. The company has low profitability rate, and the offer price appears to be very high. The fancy in the grey market is low. You may apply/avoid the IPO.


    Command Polymers IPO Grey Market updates 
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    Command Polymers IPO Subscription Status
    On 21 March 2023 @ 5.00 (Closed)
    NII:        1200000 Shares,  1.81T
    RII:        1200000 Shares,  0.98T
    Total:    2400000  Shares   1.39T

    Command Polymers: Company Details

    The company is in the business of Marketing and Manufacturing Polymer based products primarily Polythene LF Tube, Tarpoulin sheets, Polyester Fabrics and other polymers. Our products have a wide variety of applications in several industries such asIndustrial packaging industries, Food industry etc.

    The manufacturing facility is located at Mouza Malancha, J.L.No.87, P.O. Narayanpur, P.S Bhangar, District 24 Parganas (South), West Bengal-743502 and is well equipped with the required facilities including machinery, other handling equipment’s to facilitate smooth manufacturing process and easy logistics.

    It endeavors to maintain safety in its premises by adhering to key safety norms, established through its internal health and safety manual, accompanied by regular safety meetings.

    For manufacturing its products, it purchases raw materials such as Low Density Polyethylene, Low Density Polyethylene, High density Polyethylene from leading suppliers like ONGC Petro Additions Limited, Vishambara Polymers Pvt Ltd etc in bulk quantities.

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    Command Polymers IPO Details
    IPO opens on Tentative  17 March 2023
    IPO closes on   21 March 2023
    Issue Type Book Built Issue IPO
    Issue Size 2532000 Sh /Rs 7.09 Cr
    * Fresh Issue 2532000 Sh /Rs 7.09 Cr
    * Offer for Sale  – Sh /Rs – Cr
    Face Value per share: Rs. 10
    Price Band Rs.28
    Employee discount  Rs. 0 per share
    Retail Lot Size  4000Shares
    Listing will at  BSE Sme
    Shares offered to
      Shares Rs. (Cr)
    QIB (0 %) 
    NII (50 %)  1200000 3.36
    RII (50 %) 1200000 3.36
    Total Shares  2400000 6.72
    Retail portion will be oversubscribed by   
    How much Shares to Apply?
    Min Retail Application 4000 Sh Rs. 112000
    Min HNI Application  8000 Sh Rs. 224000

    Promoters of the IPO
    Kundan Vinimay Private Limited, Sukhjit Consultants Limited, Sukhdhan Vinimay Private Limited and Ridhi Sidhi Advisory Private Limited

    Objects of the IPO:
    The Company proposes to utilize the Net Proceeds from the Issue towards
    1. Funding Working capital requirements.
    2. Repayment of Loans.

    IPO Tentative timetable
    IPO opens on 17   March 2023
    IPO Closes on 21   March 2023
    IPO Allotment on  24 March 2023
    Unblocking of ASBA  27 March 2023
    Credit of Shares 28 March 2023
    Listing on 29 March 2023
    Registered Office of the Company
    Mouza Malancha, J.L.No.87, P.O.
    Narayanpur, P.S Bhangar, District 24
    Parganas (South), , West Bengal-743502
    IPO Lead Managers 
    Registrar to the IPO
    IPO Financial & Analytical Ratios
    Year Total Income Net Profit EPS RoNW Cr Cr Rs. %
    2019-20 10.90 0.09 0.14 1.02
    2020-21 16.37 0.20 0.29 2.11
    2021-22  19.49 0.30 0.44 3.12
    Book Value of the Share on 31.12.2022 Rs.14.30    
    Book Value of the Share after the IPO Rs.-    
    Offer Price   Rs. 28    
    Ratio Analysis
    Upper Price/last EPS 63.64
    Upper price/BV Ratio 1.96
    Upper price/BV after IPO 

    Command Polymers IPO Peer Comparison: 

    As on date of DRHP FV Income  PE
      Rs.  in Cr Ratio of
    The IPO Company 10 19.49 63.64
    GM Polyplast 10 52.14 5.55


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